A portable sauna uses far infrared rays (FIR) that penetrate deep into the tissues of your body to increase its core temperature. While radiant heat envelops your body, your head, and the air outside the sauna, remains cool and comfortable. This is the reason the SunDynamica™ sauna is often preferred over conventional saunas that heat the whole environment, making the sauna experience an uncomfortable one.

If you are wondering why you should go in for portable sauna, check out these top 5 sauna benefits. They will convince you why a portable sauna is a financially prudent and healthy choice.

1. Detox Your Body

Portable sauna raises the core temperature of your body using radiant heat within the sauna dome alone. This stimulates profuse sweating. As a result, toxins are eliminated from your body at a cellular level. Remember, your skin helps to remove metabolic waste and toxins along with your liver and kidneys. So, spending time in portable sauna is a highly effective way to detoxify your body.

2. Smooth Skin

The radiant heat produced by the portable sauna expands your blood vessels, stimulating the lymphatic system that lies just below the surface of the skin and opening up the skin’s pores. Better looking skin is achieved through toxins being flushed from the body via sweating due to the increased circulation. After just a single session, you will find your skin glowing and smoother than what it was before. Portable sauna is your genuine skin care and beauty partner and can be made an integral part of your skincare routine.

3. Weight Loss

Losing excess body fat can be a challenge for many people and there are some who cannot seem to get rid of cellulite. Thankfully, with a portable sauna, it is possible to burn calories by boosting your metabolic rate. The infrared light reaches deep layers of the tissues, thereby dilating blood vessels and increasing heart rate. This helps you increase your metabolic rate so that your body can burn fat and calories more efficiently and effectively. Weight loss becomes a breeze with the FIR portable sauna.

4. De-stress Yourself

The heat from a portable sauna has a positive effect on your muscles. When you are stressed and tensed, your muscles become tight. In a sauna, you can ease the tightness of muscles and enjoy the relaxing and soothing feeling that washes over you. to the relaxation achieved from a regular sauna can assist you in coping with day-to-day stress, putting you in a much better frame of mind.


As a portable sauna causes profuse sweating, make sure you keep your body well hydrated by drinking water and electrolyte drinks. It will replenish lost fluids and also ensure you enjoy the benefits of portable sauna without worries. If you have any medical conditions, check with a medical professional before using a sauna.