Infrared sauna therapy has become very popular, as it is the best way of distressing yourself in an effective way. In the past few years there was a use of conventional sauna that heats up the air in the room, which in turn heats the person. This was also known by the term steam sauna. However, today, Far Infrared sauna has taken the place of a traditional steam sauna. FIR sauna is much more safe and effective, as the heat penetrates deep inside the skin leaving the outside temperature unaffected. Inside the FIR Sauna dome you will feel the same warmth and the relaxation, which you feel while lying in the sun but without the harmful rays of the sun.

These days many people are suffering from different types of skin problems because of the dust and dirt that get accumulated under the skin and even under the body but with regular sessions of sauna therapy you can take good care of your skin.


Get Glowing Skin with FIR Sauna

Infrared sauna therapy can help in the purification of the skin by eliminating toxins from the pores. This increases flow of blood and oxygen around the body that help in the elimination of accumulated waste. Many people are not aware of the fact that the warmth of the air expands the blood vessels and the lymphatic system and when it becomes activated the sweat that moves out of the body carries not only excess water but also environmental pollutants. This results in clearer, softer and healthier looking skin.