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Sauna Skin Benefits

The skin is the body’s largest organ.

Often referred to as the ‘third kidney’ because of its critical role in the elimination of waste and toxins from the body, our skin is vital to our health and well being. If the skin doesn’t do its job of filtering waste properly, this waste can accumulate in the body, causing not only superficial skin problems but a general inability of the body to rid itself of pollutants.

This can lead to disease. It also adds pressure on other elimination organs, like the liver and kidneys, to take up the slack. Throw our modern, chemically-polluted environment into the mix and it becomes clear how the body can become compromised.

The SunDynamica™ FIR sauna benefits skin by increasing oxygenation and toxin elimination. The warmth from the far infrared rays expands the blood vessels and lymphatic system just below the skin’s surface, and opens the pores in the skin. The increased heart rate created by the heat has amazing benefits as it improves the flow of blood and increases oxygen throughout the body, helping move and eliminate accumulated waste. The far infrared rays penetrate deep beneath the skin and into internal organs. As the lymphatic system becomes activated, sweat moving through the skin and out of the body carries with it not only excess water but also environmental pollutants and toxins.

Sauna Beauty Benefits

Fir infrared sauna benefits not only the skin, but purifies the whole body. Skin is left cleansed and invigorated. Most individuals will be left with a characteristic glow that makes them look like they’ve just had the best holiday of their lives. To receive the maximum sauna skin benefits, the SunDynamica™ sauna should be used regularly. Frequent use will leave the skin feeling smoother, softer, and more cleansed.

Note: Adequate hydration is essential, not only with general use of the sauna but for skin and beauty benefits in particular. Drinking several litres of water a day will not only replenish the lost fluids, it will improve elimination of waste and pollutants from the skin and the body.