Sauna Weight Loss and Detox

The SunDynamica™ FIR saunas are not only relaxing but their infrared technology offers a number of health benefits for users including weight loss, detoxing and cellulite reduction.


How Can FIR Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

In many traditional steam saunas, weight loss is achieved purely through a loss of water. Far infrared technology however is different. While you’re lying down relaxing in the sauna, your body is actually undergoing an “internal workout”. As temperatures rise in the sauna and within your body, your heart starts beating faster (in the same way as with regular exercise), pumping more blood around your body to muscles and ligaments as well as stimulating various organs to kickstart metabolic processes. Your overall metabolism increases and your reserves of carbs and fats are broken down to facilitate these processes.

Can a FIR Sauna Help Detox Your Body?

Eliminating harmful toxins from your body can be achieved through exercise, diet and drinking plenty of water. However as touched upon previously, one of FIR sauna’s primary benefits is prompting an internal body workout, essentially tricking your body into undertaking the various processes it would undertake during exercise, all while you are lying down. The increased heart rate and subsequent blood flow helps your body to become more efficient at eliminating toxins leading to a more effective overall detox. Just like regular exercise, if the sauna is used on a regular basis the benefits can also be greater and seen/felt for longer.


Do You Know What Cellulite is Made Of?

Cellulite is toxic waste trapped in fat cells under the skin. Even with a healthy diet and a strict training regime, moving cellulite can be a challenge, as it doesn’t address the root of the issue; the bodies inability to rid itself of toxic waste. So while you will be able to shift some weight through more traditional means, many of these pockets of fat (cellulite) can remain, leaving behind the characteristically common orange peel look in areas such as the thighs and buttocks.

Far infrared technology is designed specifically to help your body remove these types of waste. Not only from the superficial level of helping your pores to open up and sweat (removing these toxins and waste), but also in increasing metabolic processes that work on breaking down subcutaneous fat located in these areas.

This is further backed from a number of studies highlighting that whilst steam saunas produce more water in terms of sweat content, sweat produced by users who used a far infrared saunas had a much higher content of toxins, chemical pollutants, heavy metals and pesticides in their sweat. In some cases this amount was even as high as 15-20%.

Try the SunDynamica™ FIT Sauna and experience all of these benefits for yourself!

Weight loss and detoxifying results will vary between individuals. If you have a chronic health condition, any health issues or implants of any kind, please check with a medical professional before using the FIR sauna. Avoiding high temperatures is recommended for individuals with high blood pressure. Finally, the sauna should not be used if you are pregnant and children should not use the sauna.

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