Sauna Skin and Beauty Benefits

Sauna Skin Benefits

Your skin is critical in eliminating waste and toxins from your body. As the largest organ of the body, if your skin doesn’t properly filter waste, this waste can accumulate, causing not only superficial skin problems but internal problems that can manifest in the future. These future problems include diseases related to our liver and kidneys as both are usually placed under added pressure to eliminate this excess waste.


The SunDynamica™ FIR sauna helps the skin increase its filtering capability by increasing oxygenation and improving toxin elimination. The warmth from the far infrared rays expands blood vessels and aids in activating the lymphatic system, which opens up the pores in your skin. The increased heart rate, created by the heat, also helps improve the flow of blood, meaning that the blood is able to transport more oxygen throughout the body as well as waste to areas where it can be eliminated from the body (such as the skin). As your pores open up under instruction from the lymphatic system, sweat is then pushed out, carrying with it excess water as well as environmental pollutants and toxins.

Finally, far infrared rays penetrate deep beneath the skin compared to traditional saunas, allowing for the heat to reach deeper below the skin, to internal organs. This heat allows for greater activation of organs and increases a variety of metabolic processes to take place including displacement and removal of waste products, allowing for your body to work as a more efficient waste management system.

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