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Most of us suffer from stress in everyday life. This stress can come from the everyday grind of work, and other life commitments, to more significant problems everyone is bound to face in their lifetime. Even when we try our best to conceal it, this stress can catch up with us, causing tension, which can have a huge impact on your body and particularly muscles, impairing blood and lymphatic flow, leading to overall pain and discomfort.

While it can’t help you to eliminate stresses, SunDynamica™ offers a means to help manage and reduce stress in your life. Imagine yourself lying in the sun on a warm, tropical island. Feel the sun’s rays penetrating your body, all the way down to your bones. Feeling your muscles unwinding under the heat of the sun, while your mind floats into a semi-meditative state as you close your eyes. The world, along with all your problems and stresses, seem a million miles away. This is how it feels to use a SunDynamica™ FIR sauna. The dry, radiant heat of a far infrared sauna allows you to experience all the benefits of feeling the sun’s rays, minus the harmful UV rays. In fact, many of the sun’s most beneficial and healing wavelengths are within the far infrared spectrum. The far infrared heat from the SunDynamica™ sauna penetrates below the skin’s surface to reach deeper muscles, ligaments and even organs, relaxing and re-invigorating them at the same time.

Manage Stress from the Comfort of your own Home

As you lie in the SunDynamica™ sauna dome in the comfort of your own home, muscles begin to relax and improve blood flow. Joint pain from conditions such as arthritis or bursitis slowly begin to subside from the healing heat, further enhancing your relaxing experience. This sort of pain and stiffness can also be reduced through regular usage, with individuals finding that many of the benefits of the sauna extending beyond purely the sauna itself.

This increased relaxation of the body of course means that the mind is soon to follow. Regular use of a far infrared sauna has been shown to induce better sleep and can help to counteract the effects of insomnia, as the infrared heat has shown to act on the body’s autonomic nervous system. This total relaxation not only aids with stress and anxiety, but aids in promoting a better feeling of overall well-being both physically and mentally.

The Deluxe SUN-102A model has further enhanced benefits with the addition of tourmaline and germanium stones. When heated, these stones emit their own far infrared energy and are believed to produce negative ions, which adds to a deeper cleansing and invigorating element to the sauna experience.

It is important to note however that usage of the SunDynamica™ FIR sauna will also depend on your own individual circumstances. For instance, if you have a chronic health condition, illness or implants of any kind, check with a medical professional before using the sauna. Avoiding high temperatures is also recommended for individuals with high blood pressure. Finally, the sauna should not be used if you are pregnant and children cannot use the sauna.

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Introducing the amazing new way to improve your well-being at home that’s both affordable and practical. SunDynamica™ brings the spa to you, allowing you to buy infrared sauna equipment and have it shipped right to your front door.

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