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Various studies have linked far infrared technology with helping treat chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis. While more in-depth studies are still need to be conducted, research in Japan and China have suggested that far infrared saunas can improve blood circulation and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Waon Therapy

One such example of this is Waon Therapy which has been successfully used in Japan since 1989 to treat chronic heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, fibromyalgia syndrome, chronic-pain related anger, mild depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. “Waon” means “soothing warmth that comfortably refreshes the mind and body” and hence a lower temperature range is used (60°C). Through this therapy significant improvement was achieved without any side effects. Source: Japanese Association of Medical Sciences, “Pleiotropic Effect of Waon Therapy”, JMAJ 52(3): 191-193, 2009. In fact, in Germany far infrared saunas have even been used as an adjunct to cancer therapy in many hospitals.

Improved Health through Detoxing


“A sauna used to be thought of as a luxury. Studies now confirm that diet and environmental chemicals cause 95% of cancers. Furthermore, as the first generation of man exposed to such an unprecedented plethora of daily chemicals, we have learned that stored or undetoxified chemicals can mimic any disease. ‘Incurable’ chronic diseases that were thought to have no known cause often disappear once toxic chemicals are gone. Since the far infrared sauna is the safest, most efficacious and economical way of depurating stored toxins, this makes it a household necessity.”

Excerpt from the book, “Detoxify or Die” by Sherry A. Rogers


Sherry Rogers, M.D. Northeast Centre for Environmental Medicine, U.S.A – Internationally known expert in environmental medicine and author of Detoxify or Die, and Tired or Toxic?

Far infrared saunas have also been featured on famous talk shows Oprah and Dr Oz and while the type and brand of the sauna has differed, the health-enhancing principles remain the same.

Results will vary between individuals. If you have a chronic health condition, any health issues or implants of any kind, please check with a medical professional before using the FIR sauna. Avoiding high temperatures is recommended for individuals with high blood pressure. Finally, the sauna should not be used if you are pregnant and children should not be placed inside the sauna.

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