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Most of us suffer from the stress of everyday life.

It doesn’t have to be ‘big’ stress in order for it to affect us in an adverse way. It can be as simple as the daily grind of getting to work or the pressures of meeting life’s many commitments. We carry this stress around in our body without even realising it, storing it as muscular tension in places like the shoulders or the lower back, until our body can no longer remember its natural, relaxed state. Over time, this constant constricting of muscles impairs blood and lymphatic flow, causing further pain and discomfort.

We become grumpy, and mental stress is added to our existing physical discomfort.

Now imagine yourself lying in the sun on a warm, tropical island. Feel the sun’s rays penetrating your body all the way down to your bones. Feel your muscles literally melting with relaxation under the healing warmth of the sun. Feel your mind floating into a relaxed, semi-meditative state as you close your eyes and soak up the radiant heat. It’s hard to think anything but pleasant thoughts. The world, with its unrelenting stress, seems a million miles away.

This is how it feels to use a SunDynamica™ FIR sauna. The dry, radiant heat of far infrared saunas is similar to that of the sun, minus the harmful UV rays. In fact, many of the sun’s most beneficial and healing wavelengths are within the far infrared spectrum. The far infrared heat generated by the SunDynamica™ sauna penetrates well below the skin surface to reach deeper muscles, ligaments and organs – relaxing and invigorating them at the same time.

As you lie in the SunDynamica™ sauna dome, in the comfort of your own home, muscles that were previously tight will begin to relax, allowing a better blood flow to the area. Joint pain from conditions such as arthritis or bursitis will respond well to this healing heat, further enhancing relaxation. Any pain and stiffness should reduce with regular use and the benefits don’t end with the actual sauna – they often last a good 24 hours, depending on the individual.

And this relaxation isn’t just felt in the physical body. As the body relaxes, so does the mind. Regular use of a far infrared sauna seems to induce better sleep and can help counteract the effects of insomnia. This is because far infrared heat may have an ability to act on the body’s autonomic nervous system. The total relaxation gained may have a positive effect on stress and anxiety levels, promoting a better feeling of overall wellbeing.

The addition of tourmaline and germanium stones in the Deluxe SUN-102 model further enhance the benefits of far infra red rays. When heated, these stones emit far infrared energy of their own and are believed to produce negative ions: naturally occurring molecules found in abundance in nature, particularly near the ocean. The Chinese believe that these stones add a deeper cleansing and invigorating element to the sauna experience.

Results will vary from individual to individual. If you have a chronic health condition or any health issues, or if you have implants of any kind, please check with a medical professional before using the sauna. People with high blood pressure should avoid extreme temperatures in the sauna. Do not use the sauna if you are pregnant and do not put children in the sauna.