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Overview About Us

At SunDynamica™, we operate on the belief that each and every person should have access to the incredible health benefits of Far Infrared (Fir) Sauna. Too often, cost, accessibility, and convenience prohibit people from being able to experience sauna sessions on a regular basis. We offer the best salon quality sauna offers in Melbourne Australia, which is approved for home use.

No longer do you need to devote an entire permanent area of your home, to be able to relax on a regular basis. Traditional “cabinet” style ones are permanent fixtures in your home and can be very costly to install. Our product is a self-contained, fully portable dome that can be used on any firm surface; even a bed! Because of its revolutionary design, your sauna quickly separates and fits snuggly together for easy, upright storage. This means that virtually anyone can have a home sauna, not just those with the extra space.

Fir saunas emit lower levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) then a standard hair dryer. We are committed to your safety. Our products have been rigorously tested and certified to comply with European Standard EN6223.2008. When you purchase a sauna from us, you can be confident that it will emit EMF at levels well below the allowable European Safety Standard. The SunDynamica™ sauna is completely safe for both salon and home use.

Sauna Melbourne, Australia

We are proud to offer the most economical Fir sauna in Australia. When looking for a space saving, portable sauna, Melbourne based SunDynamica™ is the answer. Not only is our products less expensive to purchase and operate than a traditional one, it can be used in virtually any setting with a firm surface. Adding to the value, we provide free shipping to most of Australia, with only a small surcharge to certain country areas.