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Sauna Weight Loss and Detox

The SunDynamica™ FIR sauna is not only relaxing, but may have numerous health benefits. Due to its far infrared technology, the health benefits may surpass that of traditional steam ones regarding weight loss, detoxing, and cellulite reduction.

How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is not simply a result of the sweating produced by far infrared saunas. While you lie still and relax in it, your body is actually having an internal workout. This is because when your heart beats faster, which it does due to the increased body temperature, it burns more calories. Blood is pumped more forcefully around the periphery and towards your muscles and ligaments. This increases your heart rate the same way that exercise does and it can speed up your metabolism with regular use.

Can a FIR Sauna Help Detox Your Body?

We all know that detox is good for our health. A good diet, plenty of clean, filtered water and adequate exercise are all helpful in ridding the body of toxins. The FIR sauna has invaluable health benefits by helping yourself to eliminate harmful waste, detox, aid weight loss and improve your overall well-being.

The deep penetrating far infrared technology makes it a smart choice when you are looking for a home detox sauna. During use, you increased heart rate and blood flow help your lymphatic system to work more efficiently in eliminating waste from your body. This portable infrared FIR sauna may be a valuable asset in any health program, and just like with regular exercise, the benefits can be felt over longer periods with regular use.

Do You Know What Cellulite Is Made Of?

Cellulite is toxic waste trapped in fat cells under the skin. It is difficult to shift with traditional weight loss programs because neither a change of diet nor adequate exercise addresses the root of the problem: The body’s inability to eliminate this toxic waste. While some weight can be lost in these areas with diet and exercise, the pockets of trapped waste remain, creating the characteristic orange peel look in areas like the thighs and buttocks.

Traditional steam ones create copious sweating to accelerate weight loss and, but the health benefits don’t go far enough. The rays from far infrared saunas penetrate the body on a deeper level than steam ones, which only heat the surface. Far infrared saunas actually raise the core temperature, activating subcutaneous fat and helping it to break down. As the heart rate increases and blood flows more freely, the lymphatic system is able to shift some of this trapped waste and remove it through the sweating process.

Additionally, whilst steam saunas produce mostly water in the sweat content, studies have shown that the sweat produced by far infrared saunas has a much higher content of toxins, chemical pollutants, heavy metals and pesticides. The figures vary depending on the research but the level of heavy metals and pollutants in the sweat is purported to be as high as 15-20%. The removal of these pollutants is not only has health benefits for your skin’s appearance, it is of great benefit for your overall wellbeing.

Our product is the ideal way to reap the health benefits of far infrared technology in a safe and comfortable environment and to aid in weight loss.

Try the SunDynamica™ FIR Sauna and Experience the Benefits For Yourself!

Weight loss and detoxifying results may vary from individual to individual. If you have a chronic health condition or any health issues, or if you have implants of any kind, please check with a medical professional before using it. People with high blood pressure should avoid high temperatures in the sauna. Do not use it if you are pregnant and do not put children in.