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Sauna Benefits

Using a SunDynamica™ Fir Sauna is relaxing and enjoyable. they use can also provide some amazing health and skin benefits. Regular sessions in a far infrared sauna are a safe, effective way to promote overall health and well-being. After just one FIR sauna session, many people notice the benefits of a healthier, more youthful glow. With repeated use, it will continues to improve the look and feel of your skin, creating a more lasting effect.

Sauna Health Benefits

- Detoxifies the body, removing impurities through the body’s sweat
- Each 30 minute session encourages the body to burn up to 600 calories, facilitating weight loss
- Increases overall metabolism, helping the body to burn more calories throughout the day
- Strengthens the cardiovascular system
- Encourages lymphatic fluid movement, resulting in a more efficient immune system
- Releases muscle tension and joint pain, reducing the need for pain medication
- Induces relaxation to bring about stress-relief benefits

Sauna Skin Benefits

- Produces youthful, glowing skin increasing blood flow to skin cells, stimulating collagen production and assisting in cell repair.
- Penetrates deep into cells, activating subcutaneous fat cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite

Incorporating a benefits of a far infrared sauna into a regular beauty routine is now easier than ever. SunDynamica™ offers affordable FIR saunas that are perfect for both professional and home use. Safe and reliable, both the standard and deluxe sauna models have the benefits of being able to fold easily for storage and to be completely portable.

Don’t Delay! - Order your SunDynamica™ Fir Sauna today to begin experiencing the skin and health benefits for yourself.