Going to a sauna can be expensive and time consuming. But there are so many benefits to using a sauna, it is often hard to resist it. That is why you should think of investing in a home sauna offered by Advanced Wellness, who have the best portable far infrared sauna on the market.

While there are many different types of home sauna on the market, the one you should be looking at is far infrared sauna. A traditional sauna heats up the whole environment, and this hot air then warms the body. On the other hand, a home infrared sauna uses far infrared rays to warm your body, containing the warmth to inside the sauna dome alone. The head remains outside the far infrared sauna at a normal and comfortable room temperature.

Here are some of the top benefits of using the best portable far infrared sauna:


Infrared home sauna creates vigourous sweating by causing the core body temperature to rise. As a result, your body flushes out the toxins from a cellular level through perspiration. With toxins gone, you will be healthier and fitter.

Skin Benefits

The cleansing effect of a good sweat from this sauna not has the benefit of detoxifying your body, but also has amazing benefits for your skin as well. It opens up and cleanses the pores, resulting in an improvement in look and feel of your skin.

Ultimate Relaxation

Conventional saunas can be quite uncomfortable. You have to sit in a hot environment, at times feeling like you want to faint. Alternatively, a SunDynamica™ far infrared sauna produces a therapeutic and soothing heat that truly relaxes you and helps you de-stress. The fact that you are lying down is a key element in how uniquely relaxing this far infrared sauna is. You will feel invigorated and refreshed after every session. You will also notice that you sleep much better during the nights and wake feel relaxed and refreshed. This is the perfect way to cope with day-to-day stress of work and family.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

When you use an infrared home sauna, blood circulation to different parts of the body will increase, just like when you exercise. With regular use of the home sauna, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced circulation, which has numerous healing benefits for the body. The boost in circulation increases heart rate and this, in turn, can lower elevated blood pressure.

Weight Loss

If you have been fighting the battle of bulge unsuccessfully, you will definitely love the infrared home sauna. It can help you lose weight effortlessly. Studies show a single home sauna session can burn about 600 calories without causing you discomfort. And, as the body tries to cool itself during the sauna, it increases your heart rate as well as metabolic rate, thereby burning even more calories well after the sauna is over. What more could you ask for?

Now that you know the benefits that you can enjoy with the best portable far infrared sauna, isn’t it time to invest in one?