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Getting the Most Out of Your Sauna

These simple steps will ensure the best possible results from your sauna experience:

  • Drink plenty of water, both before and after the sauna. The more hydrated you are, the more you will sweat. Drink lots of water afterwards to avoid dehydration and to help the body cleanse impurities.

  • Use a good quality mineral and magnesium powder to replenish lost minerals after the sauna. Check with your local health food store or naturopath.

  • The ‘best time of the day’ to have a sauna is a matter of personal preference however better results seem to be achieved at the end of the day, rather than at the start of it. Having a sauna later in the day allows ample time to drink plenty of water and produce a better sweat. Also, the intense relaxation achieved with a far infrared sauna may be best savoured at the end of the day.

  • If you are using the sauna for the first time, start at a lower temperature like 70°C. Build this up gradually to 80°C or even 85°C. This is a matter of personal preference and the optimum temperature for producing a good sweat will vary between individuals. If you experience any discomfort or distress, reduce the temperature or discontinue use until you have checked with a health professional.

  • The recommended time span for a sauna is 30 minutes. Allow an additional five minutes for the sauna to come to the desired temperature.

  • Play calming and relaxing music while having a sauna. Use mood lighting if available to produce a deep relaxation. It’s a great place to meditate and some people have even fallen asleep!

  • Place a large towel on the mat provided to absorb sweat and increase comfort. Fold another towel underneath your head or place a towel over a plastic pillow. It is important to be comfortable so a pillow is recommended. Place a towel over the pillow to absorb sweat produced during the sauna.

  • If you find the curtain accessory uncomfortable for any reason, simply remove it and use a bath towel instead. Drape it over the sauna opening and allow it to rest on your neck and shoulders. This will still trap all the hot air inside the sauna but it will also absorb sweat collecting on the upper body.

  • When the timer beeps to indicate that the sauna has turned itself off, stay lying still for an additional 10 minutes or so until the body stops producing sweat. Even though the sauna has turned itself off, the body will continue to produce sweat and eliminate toxins so it would be a pity to cut this process short.

  • When finished, sit upright for a minute or two before attempting to stand. This allows the body’s blood pressure time to readjust.

  • Have a cool to cold shower (or as cold as you can stand it) straight after the sauna. The colder the water, the better your blood vessels and lymph glands will constrict. This is particularly important with people who have had lymph glands removed due to surgery.

  • Continue to drink plenty of filtered or good quality, bottled water as the body will continue to detox long after the sauna has finished.