Do Modern Lifestyles Make People Unhealthy?

More than ever, people today are suffering from a multitude of stress and health related complications. Depression, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, gastroenteritis, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s disease are at an all-time high. Unfortunately, people’s busy lifestyles leave little time to relax and pay attention to their health.

Modern amenities are helpful in many ways, but they have reduced the amount of exercise people get. People no longer have to chase down their food, build their own shelters, or get much physical exercise at all. People today rarely get their heart rate up or even perspire very often.

Perspiration is the body’s natural method of detoxification. When the body absorbs pollution, bacteria, and other toxins, perspiration helps move these accumulated toxins out of the body. Detoxifying through perspiration has been known to leave the body refreshed and feeling healthy.

How Can Far Infrared Saunas Benefit Health?

Far infrared (Fir) saunas offer a unique opportunity for people to improve their health in a way that is easy and relaxing. Fir saunas raise the body’s temperature which causes an increase in heart rate. Muscles and joints throughout the body receive a flood of oxygen from the increased heart rate, much like during physical exercise.

Encourages Detoxification

The raised body temperature also has another benefit. By raising the body temperature, Fir saunas facilitate the body’s natural desire to detoxify through perspiration. This helps flush the body of harmful pollutants and toxins.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Another way Fir saunas benefit health is by facilitating weight loss. Each 30 minute session in a Fir sauna burns anywhere from 300-600 calories. Regular Fir sauna use can help keep off excess weight and reduces obesity. It also increases the body’s metabolism during the session as well as throughout the entire day, helping to burn more calories.

Improves Skin

The deep penetration of the far infrared rays also reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves the look and feel of skin. After just one session, many people experience healthier, glowing skin. Repeated FIR sauna use further adds to the benefits.

Relieves Pain

Far infrared rays penetrate deep into the body to relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. A FIR sauna also improves circulation, bringing more oxygen rich blood throughout the body, helping to relieve pain from chronic conditions. A FIR sauna can help conditions such as overused muscles and arthritis.

Induces Relaxation

FIR saunas gently heat the body while the user is lying down. The heat is soothing and helps to relieve stress, fatigue and can even improve sleep. After just one 30 minute sauna session, you are guaranteed to feel relaxed and refreshed.