Some of the features that one might enjoy while using Portable Infrared Sauna are listed below:

  • Relaxation and Stress Relieving: Release your stress with the comfort of our portable far infrared sauna dome designed as per individual requirements. All one requires to do is to take a few minutes away from the stressful and busy lifestyle and feel the heat of the sauna penetrating in your muscles. In no time muscles will get relaxed and energized.

  • Losing Weight was Never So Easy: The SunDynamica™ infrared sauna dome is an excellent medium to reduce that unwanted flab you’ve always wanted to get rid of. Cellulite is something that proves to be really harsh on body resulting in health disorders like obesity. With our sauna dome, reducing weight has become very simple as it not only detoxifies the body from within but also makes you look rejuvenated.

  • Skin Looks Radiant like Never before: The SunDynamica™ sauna is extremely beneficial for skin. This is because the far infrared rays that are emitted via sauna gives a boost to the blood vessels and helps in releasing the toxic elements, while leaving a radiant looking refreshed skin underneath.

  • Easy to Carry Along: One of the best things with makes far infrared sauna domes part of your daily lives is that they are portable. You can carry them with you while travelling to even distant places.

So buy infrared sauna online easily after thorough research about each of our product line. The cost of the products are kept as per industry standards so that customers can enjoy complete benefits of the far infrared sauna and experience a healthy lifestyle altogether.